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2019 Guests

Tradition Bearers

Sunday 14 July
St Bridgets Hall

Workshop details


This year's Tradition Bearers will be:

Steve ByrneFrom Arbroath in Scotland’s eastern lowlands, Steve has been immersed in traditional music since early childhood, and continues to write and arrange songs in his native Scots tongue. He is one of Scotland’s most sought after accompanists, and is widely recognised as a traditional singer and writer of "traditional" songs.


Fiona Hunter - is one of Scotland’s foremost traditional singers and is fast garnering a reputation as a highly gifted song interpreter. She began her singing career while completing her degree at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (now Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), where she studied under the tutelage of highly revered singers Andy Hunter, Alison McMorland and Brian MacNeill.
She has developed a particular enthusiasm for the songs of the Scottish Travellers, and has worked with members of the Perth-shire based Stewart family, learning her craft first-hand from the last tradition-bearers of this celebrated folksong dynasty.
Both Steve and Fiona also sing with the group Malinky and it will be a rare treat to see them as individual singers in their own right.
Anne Lambis from County Durham. She has built a reputation in England's North East clubs, where she is known as 'Houranne'. Her love of folk song began at the age of eighteen when she was greatly influenced by the singing of the Watersons. Since then her influences have been the many wonderful singers in her native North East. She now spends time travelling to festivals and singing weekends, where she can indulge her love of traditional song.

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