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World's Largest Ceilidh Band (Attempt)

Latest update (Dec 2018) we are still in discussion with Guinness about our application and providing adequate verification of the numbers. Sorry it is taking so long - as soon as we know we will share with you.

~~~~~~ Registration is now closed ~~~~~~~

Want to play in what we hope will be the World's Largest Ceilidh Band?

On the 6th July at Mackie Academy in Stonehaven we will attempt to establish a record for the World's Largest Ceilidh Band.

To set this record we need over 250 musicians to join us, see details below. There is no "Audition" and we want to make it as inclusive as we can and also a lot of fun.

We will arrange a couple of practice get togethers in the afternoon before the event. These are entirely optional, but a chance to meet up and play together before the actual record attempt.

To Register as a musician, book a free "Ticket" by CLICKING ON THIS LINK

We also need a number of dedicated volunteers to help this event.

To Register as a volunteer, book a free ticket by clicking on this link.

Note - volunteer stewards will not be able to also be part of the ceilidh band - too many other things to do during the event.

Once registered we will start up a newsletter to keep you all up to date.


To celebrate the 30th Festival we thought we'd attempt to get ourselves into the Guinness record books

We managed to get 80 musicians together for the Aqua Ceilidh in 2014 but we think we can do a lot better this year, we're looking for over 250 musicians to take part.

There is no upper or lower age limit but we do ask that people under 16 should have a responsible adult if needed

At the moment we don't have spectator tickets as we plan to fill the hall with musicians and the obligatory expert witnesses and stewards etc. Once we get nearer the day we may release some spectator spaces.

You will need to be able to play at dance speed, but we will use standard session tunes see below. Music will be provided beforehand, but you should aim to play without it on the day.Music will be on dispaly at the Hall, we just won't have enough room for 250 music stands. 

Note, as a rule musicians will have to stand, if you have access issues let us know when you register.

There will be three dances the Gay Gordons, Strip the WIllow and the Canadian Barn Dance. Dancers will be provided by the Scottish Culture and Traditions ceilidh dance class and friends. 


The music for the dances is here:

Music : Gay-Gordons-.pdf

Practice Speed: Gay-Gordons-Slow.mp3

Dance Speed: Gay-Gordons-Dance-Speed.mp3

Music : Strip-the-Willow.pdf

Practice Speed: Strip-the-Willow-Slow.mp3

Dance Speed: Strip-The-Willow2.mp3

Music : Canadian-Barn-Dance.pdf

 Practice Speed: Canadian-Barn-Dance-Slow.mp3

Dance Speed: Canadian-Barn-Dance.mp3

We have the following instruments officially recognised - if you have something out of the ordinary let us know!

Guitar, Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Bass, Whistle, Flute, Mandolin family, Banjo, Bodhran, Cajon, Mouthie, Free Reed Instruments, Accordion, Clarsach, Keyboard (but we may have limited space and power sockets!), Ukulele - we hope we've covered everything, let us know if you have something you think we should add.

For general enquiries about this event please email events@stonehavenfolkfestival.co.uk

Record Attempt on 6th July at Mackie Academy

The Academy is in Stonehaven, about a ten minute walk from the Train Station or 20 minute walk (some of it uphill) from the Town Square. There will be car parking on a first come first served basis.


There will also be a "temporary" campsite over the weekend of the Festival

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